Field Operations


GDI offers experienced field operators to efficiently complete a wide array of Coiled Tubing, Thru Tubing and Fishing jobs.  With over 60 years combined Thru Tubing, Completions, and operational experience we can offer our customers a wide array of possibilities.

We offer:

  • Domestic and International field services, providing Thru Tubing and Well Intervention operations on coiled tubing and jointed pipe operations.
  • Milling services.
  • Industry leader for E-Coil Cable Heads providing slim hole and severe service perforating applications.
  • Extensive abrasive perforating experience.
  • Cased-hole fishing operations.
  • SpinCat rotating high pressure wash nozzle.
  • On/Off abrasive perforator.
  • Coiled tubing pipe recovery.
  • Zonal isolation stimulation/restim cup to cup tool.
  • Hades Multi-Stage Stimulation tool.
  • The support of the tool production team, combined with operations, will ensure we have the best solution for the job.