Venturi Junk Basket

Global Dynamics is a distributor of the Venturi Junk Basket. This is a tool that is designed to remove debris, junk or fill from the wellbore. Fluid is pumped through the work string and out through the nozzles, creating a vacuum within the tool. Wellbore fluid is then sucked through the tool and any solids are contained between the filter screen and dual catchers within the tool. Different sized filter screens and catchers can be used to recover specific sizes of debris, junk or fill.

The debris, junk or fill is trapped in place by dual catchers at the bottom of the tool when the pumps are shut down.

Different sized extensions can also be fitted to recover larger volumes / sizes of debris if required.

The tools adjustable nozzles are easily changed to adjust the activation flow rate and pressure to suit each application.

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Features & Benefits

  • Available in 1.687", 2.125" & 3.125"
  • Interchangeable nozzles for various flow rates and pressures
  • Can be functioned with fluid, gas or two phase fluids
  • Extensions can be added for increased volume recovery
  • Larger ID catchers can be used for recovering larger items
  • Can be run below a motor
  • Proven, reliable design