Sure-Tag Collet Style MCCL

The Sure-Tag Collet Style MCCL is available in 4.5”, 5.5” and 7.0” casing variations. Each tool is able to run in a wide variety of casing weights due to the ease of changing the indicator keys. The open finger design allows for reliable performance in stimulation operations when the tool string maybe exposed to high concentrations of sand laden fluid.  Keys are specific to casing size and weight, and need to be specified.

GDI’s Sand Jetting Tool can be utilized for perforating drill pipe, drill collars, and multiple casing strings in a single run and can be an alternative to TCP or conventional wireline perforating.

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The Sure-Tag is used to locate casing collars to aid in the accuracy of depth measurement within wellbores.  The Collet uses eight fingers with replaceable Keys to send an over pull signal via the weight indicator to identify the casing collar depths. As the Sure-Tag MCCL is pulled up through the casing, the spring tension in the Collet Fingers will engage the Keys onto the exposed edge of the casing thread.