Sand Extraction Tool

The Sand Extraction Tool is used with Dual Coiled tubing and it has three primary functions. The first function is the Sand Extraction Mode, in this mode the “power” fluid is sent down the inner coil and is extracted, along with sand and debris, through the outer coil. The second mode, which is initiated through pump cycling, is jetting mode, in this mode the “power” fluid is pushed through the front jets and breaks up any sand bridges that cannot be removed in the extraction mode. The third mode is for fluid removal after the debris is removed, this creates a low pressure in the wellbore allowing the well to flow in.

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Features & Benefits

  • 2.125” OD
  • Requires 1.00” coiled tubing inside of 2.00” coiled tubing
  • Uses Forward jetting action to break up the sand bridges
  • Uses a J-latch system to change modes through the cycling of the pump
  • Sand removal increases the well production
  • The tool is not restricted by sand bridges
  • Internal coil release