Rotating Casing Scraper

The Rotating Casing Scraper is designed to clean up cement sheath, perforation damage, debris, left behind on the ID of the casing. It is designed to be run with a motor, right above the bit. With its Spring Loaded Design, full casing contact is maintained with the Carbide Inserted Blades throughout the milling job. The Carbided Diamond Shaped Blades are designed for minimal wear, while maintaining high abrasion qualities. Multiple runs have been made on one set of Blades, with minimal wear indications, saving the operator time and money.

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Features & Benefits

  • Compact design
  • Easy Redress 
  • High torque/tensile strength 
  • Very robust, no small pieces 
  • Usable in a wide range of casing weights with no changes to tool 
  • Proven field reliability 
  • Multiple successful job history 
  • Highly praised by customers that have used it 
  • Zero job failure rate to date 
  • Available in 4.50” and 5.50” Casing sizes Standard 2.375” PAC threads - various threads available upon request