The Pre-Dimpler function is to create divots on the coiled tubing so that the external Grub Screw Connector has a better grip when installed. The Pre-Dimpler assembly has a slide hammer, which aids with the removal of the Pre-Dimpler after the Pre-dimpling bolts are loose.

GDI’s Pre Dimpler includes with the assembly the option to remove the Dimple Head and install a Thread Sub which can be used to remove the coil connector when out of the well. A sub with either 2.375″ PAC or 1.500″ AMMT is included with the assembly.

Dimple head assemblies are sold separate in case you are using the same tool for different coiled tubing sizes.

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Features & Benefits

  • Creates a stronger connection between the Coiled Tubing and the Grub Screw Connector
  • Creates larger divots for the set screws
  • Allows for less thread stripping on the set screws and on the Grub Screw Connector
  • A sliding hammer that can be used to take off the Pre-Dimpler, and the Grub Screw Connector after use
  • Has the option of a Thread Sub to remove the coil connector