On-Off Perforator, Endurance

The Endurance On-Off Perforator has carbide welded to the outer surface.  Allowing for higher and longer flow rates without damage to the tool.

The On-Off Perforator allows the operator to run a BHA into a wellbore circulating without restriction down the tool-string.  When the operator decides to switch operations to the Abrasive Perforator, a drop ball is pumped to the BHA, shifting the flow, this stops all fluid flow below the Perforator.  Once the abrasive perforating operation is completed, a second drop ball can be deployed to the BHA, this changes the fluid flow path again, stopping flow to the Abrasive Perforator, back through the tool-string below.

This tool is typically used for Confirmation/Milling runs, where the operator may wish to have the option to cut a perforation interval at the toe of the well, and still have the milling BHA operational while POOH without having to make a second run to TD.


Features & Benefits

  • 6 jets with 2 planes Abrasive Subs available
  • Rated for 10,000 PSI
  • 160,000 lbs. Tensile
  • 2500 ft.-lbs. of Torque
  • 3.063” OD, with 2.375” PAC connection
  • Different ODs, Jet Configurations and connections can be costumed designed