HD Hydraulic Release Tool

The GDI Heavy 3.750″ Duty Hydraulic Disconnect is designed to endure even the most rigorous and demanding coiled tubing applications.The HD Hydraulic Disconnect allows the tool string to detach at a predetermined point via the deployment of a suitable drop ball through the coiled tubing. The drop ball locates onto the piston sleeve creating sufficient back pressure to shear the pins and shift the piston down.  Upon the piston shifting into the release position, pressure is redirected around the key retainer housing to help collapse the 4 keys into the retainer housing, allowing the retainer ring the ability to travel past the keys and release from the lower part of the tool.  The pressure also provides a hydraulic push to the lower Disconnect to aid in the separation of the tool.

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Features & Benefits

  • Flow through
  • 1.750" ball used for separation
  • Sturdy design