HD Hydraulic Disconnect

The Heavy Duty Hydraulic Disconnect provides a surface controlled method of releasing the coiled tubing from the bottom hole assembly (BHA).  The ball operated release sub has high tensile strength and is specifically designed for use with high torque and extreme torsional applications such as those exerted during jarring and under-reaming.

During standard operation, the seat and sleeve are pressure balanced and therefore unaffected by the annular pressure differential.

To disconnect, a ball is dropped or pumped down the coiled tubing activating the hydraulic piston.  Pressure is applied to the coiled tubing and the shear screws are sheared.  Straight pick-up separates the coiled tubing and the BHA, allowing the retrieval of the coiled tubing

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Features & Benefits

  • Sealed to allow pressure operation
  • Transmits torque loads
  • Internal GS profile
  • Fishable ID and OD
  • Simple design minimizes parts and redress
Tool OD
Inches (mm)
Tool ID
Inches (mm)
Connections Temp Rating
F (C)
1.688 (42.9) .43 (10.9)As Requested 302° (150°) 10,000 (70)
2.125 (54.0) .68 (17.5) As Requested 302° (150°) 10,000 (70)
2.875 (73.0).81 (20.5)As Requested 302° (150°) 10,000 (70)