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Grub Screw Connector

The Set Screw Coil Connector is used for connecting the Bottom Hole Assembly to the coiled tubing. Recesses are formed using a dimpling bolt to dimple the tubing wall prior to installing the set screws into the Coil Connector.  The Screws are then tightened through the body of the Connector into the recesses in the coiled tubing.

The Set Screw Coil Connector is ideal for applications involving Downhole Motors, Impact Hammers and other high Vibration Tools, as it provides a high integrity, high pressure seal and is resistant to high levels of torque.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact one-piece design
  • Dual internal seals
  • Torque-through capability
  • Standard O-Rings and U-cup seals make redressing simple and cost-effective
  • Available in a variety of sizes