Flow Through Release Tool

The Global Dynamics Dual Activated Release Tools is designed to withstand the most severe downhole conditions.  Its design allows for various sizes of wireline to be used.  Specifically sized pistons in the tool allow for various wireline sizes and are the only modifications that need to be made to the tool when changing wireline size. The hole size through the piston is engineered so that when you have 150L/min flow (1.688” OD Tool), the flow will produce hydraulic pressure on  the face of the piston, overcoming the force of the spring and allowing the piston to shift.

The design also allows the operator to pull to the tensile limit of the tool without the risk of separation.  The only way that separation can occur is by pumping through the tool at the required flow rate, and at the same time pulling a pre-determined over-pull.  This shears a predetermed shear pin value and allows the tool to separate.

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Features & Benefits

  • Flow through design
  • Can be used with a wide variety of wire-line sizes
  • Sturdy design
  • 1.688”, 1.75”, 2.125”, 2.875” OD Tools Available in a variety of configurations