Dual Coil Head

The GDI Dual Coil Head is made to connect a dual coiled tubing string (coiled tubing inside of coiled tubing) to a bottom hole assembly.  It connects to a larger OD outer coil and a smaller OD inner coil with set screw connectors.  The outer coil is used to pump fluid and the inner tube is used to pump nitrogen or fluid 



  • Dedicated coil for circulation of fluid to power the mud motor
  • Dedicated coil for circulation of nitrogen, foam, or fluid to maintain removal of well bore material
  • No nitrogen flow through the mud motor
  • Reduction in fluid loss
  • Reduction in nitrogen usage
  • Mechanical and hydraulic disconnect of the bottom hole assembly BHA includes check valves for each coil preventing inflow so well control is maintained


  • Maintain circulation of fluid, gasses, solids or cuttings on sub hydrostatic, under pressured or depleted wells
  • Reduced risk of formation damage
  • Maximizes the torque of the mud motor
  • Immediate pressure response at surface while milling to monitor torque at bit thereby minimizing stall time
  • Extends the life of the mud motor
  • Ability to adjust the nitrogen and fluid rates
  • Effective circulation ensures the liner and near wellbore are free of solids and cutting debris, this minimizes future interventions
  • Ability to mill further into the lateral due to maintaining circulation for longer than traditional methods – get more high pressure intervals opened