Drillable Composite Plugs

Global Dynamics is distributor of multi-configurational Drillable Composite Plugs.  By utilizing simple accessories, a single composite plug can be converted from a Ball Drop Frac Plug to either a Solid Bridge Plug or a Caged Ball Flow Back Plug.  All of these options are offered in one package. These composite plugs are made of a unique combination of composites with slip carriers that contain wicker segments. This combination of materials produces a dependable product with easy, fast drilling times; generating returns that consist of less metal and smaller fragments. These Drillable Composite Plugs can be utilized with Baker #10 & #20 setting tools and can be drilled out with Conventional Tubing or Coiled Tubing. 

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Features & Benefits

  • Maintained drill times of 13-20 minutes or less.
  • Plugs can be set in up to P110 Grade casing Composite “slip carrier” with cast iron wickers-eliminates approximately 55% of the cast used in traditional slips for ease of drilling.
  • Slip inserts utilize a “dovetail” that prohibits the insert from being “pulled” from the composite carrier.
  • Unique “Lug” design on the top and Muleshoe bottom prevent the plug from spinning when it’s being drilled out.
  • Plugs utilize a setting sleeve and shear sleeve adapter that are universal with other sizes.
  • Pump down wiper available upon request