Dimple Kit

The GDI Hydraulic Dimple Kit comes with all the components needed to install the Internal Dimple End Connector, or the Spoolable Inline Connector.  The custom designed box was fabricated to fit the large and small version of the Hydraulic Dimple Kit, as well as leave additional space for the operator to store additional ancillary equipment.  The custom fabricated box is constructed to be water resistant and withstand transport abuses.  Large grab handles allow for better lifting and securement options.

The kit comes with:

-Large or small yoke

-High pressure hoses

-2 speed hydraulic hand pump

-Gauge Kit

-Allen wrenches for dimple bushing

-Large powder coated Cargo box

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Features & Benefits

  • Option of a small or large yoke fitted to the application and coiled tubing size
  • Tough cargo box designed to fit all necessary accessories
  • 10,000 PSI gauge kit included