Deployment & Straight Bar

The Straight Bar allows for the extension of the tool string in situations where a longer section of the BHA is required while still maintaining the maximum flow through bore.  The Straight Bar is flush with the BHA to reduce the risk of hanging or standing up on restrictions.  GDI’s Straight Bar can also be used between a Jar and Accelerator to add weight, increasing the duration and force of impact.Global Dynamics Deployment Bar is used to deploy a long bottom hole assembly into and out of a well. The Deployment Bars can be staggered, thus limiting the amount of lubricator required.  The Deployment Bar is also designed to match the coil OD and ID, allowing full through bore, and reducing the risk of hanging or standing up at restrictions and allowing the BOP rams to seal on the OD of the tool.

Features & Benefits

  • Max Temperature 302° (150°C)
  • Max Pressure 10,000psi (70MPa)
  • Pump-through design
  • Specialty designs available