Coiled Tubing Drilling

Coiled Tubing Drilling is best suited for under-balanced operations because it is a “closed-loop” system. A “closed-loop” system does not require the formation to be put in an over-balanced state at anytime during the operation and because drilling mud is not required, there is no skin or near well-bore damage caused. The CTD is designed to operate on a wide variety of E-Line and TEC line options. The system is ideal for narrow and low pressure formations but can be run in basically any formation or pressures.



Features & Benefits:

  • Cable-Head (Hydraulic Release Tool, well control)
  • Telemetry
  • Directional Package (Inc. Temp, Inclination)
  • Gamma Sub
  • Sensor Sub
    • Weight-On-Bit
    • Torque
    • Tubing (Internal) Pressure
    • Annular (External) Pressure
    • Vibration
  • Electrically operated circulation tool
  • Orientation Tool