Anchor Sub

An Anchor Sub is used when you have Wireline or TEC cable inside coiled tubing, and there is a need to do a flow through application like milling, or pressure setting a packer.  This sub anchors and seals the wire or TEC cable in order to allow flow to go through the tool without the worry of getting pressure back into the line and damage it.  The bore in the tool allows a ball to go through in case you need to run it to activate a tool below. The Anchor Sub eliminates the need to switch coiled tubing from Cable-head, to any other application. ­­

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Features & Benefits

  • Sizes available are 2.125” OD and 2.875” OD
  • Tools available for both wireline and TEC/SEC cables
  • Temperatures rated to 302° (150°C)
  • Pressure rated to 10,000psi (70MPa)
  • Pump and ball pass design
  • Allows for E-coil to be used in milling operations.