The SC-125 provides well intervention teams with an advanced solution for 1 1/4” CT BHA’s requiring a “slick” or Slimhole profile. Proven effective in wells with small ID restrictions and a history of entry challenges, the SC-125’s smooth profile aids reaching target depths the first time then delivers powerful impact force and dwell time to enhance perf stimulation and clean-out objectives.


  • Recessed head ensures rotation to continue when tool is against well bore wall and contributes to “slick” profile
  • Constructed of hardened stainless steel for strength, durability & chemical resistance
  • Drilled head sized for nominal flow rate of either .5 or 1.0 bpm
  • Viscous speed control
  • Field serviceable

Slim 1.250″ BHA From GDI

Global Dynamics and StoneAge offer together a full line of Slim BHA for the 1.250″ SpinCat tool with everything needed to effectively run the tools including:

-Anti Rotational Coil Connector

-Dual Flapper Check Valve

-Deployment Straight bar

-1.250″ SpinCat Tool

To see the Brochure for this Slim BHA click HERE.