Global Dynamics is proud to announce our successful deployment of Smart Link.

Smart Link provides real time, on-surface data from the milling BHA, to complete an under-balanced vertical deepening in the deep basin of the Alberta foothills. Smart Link monitors torque, weight on bit, vibration, inclination, internal and external pressures as well as bottom hole temperatures from the BHA, which are displayed on an instantaneous read out on surface. On this project, Smart Link allowed access to real-time down hole information in the control cab, while drilling into the target formation.

This allowed the client to make well-informed decisions during milling operations. Because this operation required a high level of N2 to stay under-balanced in the formation, Smart Link was the key element to a more efficient, economical project completion. Stalls of the motor were instantly identified by the sharp increase in torque, pressure differential across the motor, and vibration parameters. Hours of drill time were eliminated by having Smart Link in the BHA to provide information to surface, as drilling with heavy N2 usage causes communication challenges between surface pressures and down hole mud motor operation.

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