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New U.S. Headquarters

Global Dynamics Inc is excited to be expanding! We have opened our United States Headquarters in Houston, Texas. To better serve you, our newest address is:

Galleria Office Tower 1

2700 Post Oak Blvd, Floor 21

Houston, TX 77056

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Introducing The New 1.250″ Slim SpinCat Tool and Slim BHA

The SC-125 provides well intervention teams with an advanced solution for 1 1/4” CT BHA’s requiring a “slick” or Slimhole profile. Proven effective in wells with small ID restrictions and a history of entry challenges, the SC-125’s smooth profile aids reaching target depths the first time then delivers powerful impact force and dwell time to enhance perf stimulation and clean-out objectives.


  • Recessed head ensures rotation to continue when tool is against well bore wall and contributes to “slick” profile
  • Constructed of hardened stainless steel for strength, durability & chemical resistance
  • Drilled head sized for nominal flow rate of either .5 or 1.0 bpm
  • Viscous speed control
  • Field serviceable

Slim 1.250″ BHA From GDI

Global Dynamics and StoneAge offer together a full line of Slim BHA for the 1.250″ SpinCat tool with everything needed to effectively run the tools including:

-Anti Rotational Coil Connector

-Dual Flapper Check Valve

-Deployment Straight bar

-1.250″ SpinCat Tool

To see the Brochure for this Slim BHA click HERE.

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Global Dynamics, International Distributor For The StoneAge SpinCat Tools

After a successful presence of Global Dynamics Inc. at the latest ICOTA show in Houston, StoneAge has reaffirmed its longstanding relationship with Global Dynamics as an authorized distributor of the SpinCat™. In accordance with our international customer base we are able to offer SpinCat tools, redress kits, parts and support to customers all over the world.

SpinCat tools are one of the best options for cleanout tools on the market. GDI has a complete line of complimentary BHA components and years of extensive field experience with all SpinCat tool sizes. This makes continuing this alliance an ideal team to help customers achieve a successful downhole cleanout run.

If you wish to know more about the SpinCat tools or if you wish to inquire about them please click HERE.

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